Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Week Two

Prompt #1 THE OPEN WOUND (by Anne Boyer)
“To write often means remembering what never existed. So how can I know what has never existed? Like this: as if I were remembering. By an effort of memory, as if I had never been born. I was never born. I have never lived. But I remember, and remembering is like an open wound.” — Clarice Lispector, Selected Chronicas 

-Remember what never existed. Write this down

-Seed the course of future time by creating a proliferation of these memories of what has not been. 

Prompt #2 (by Anne Boyer)
-Textual: Write inside the pores of another text, your own, a text you love, or one that bothers you. Additionally, you might extract a work from the pores of language.
-Spatial: Find a space or thing that appears fixed, monumental, established, concrete, “itself” and write into its permeability as damp would, mold, air, sound, disease, or scent.
-Temporal: Write a work that demonstrates/enforces/creates/charms/advantages the porosity of time.
-Historical: Does history have pores? Can you contaminate them? Try. 

Prompt #3 
Draw what you wrote today. Then find a partner, and swap your writing. Draw each other’s poems. 

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