Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Week Three


Prompt #1 
Using the colorful markers, write down something(s) that you want to leave behind. The thing(s) can be a feeling, an action, an object, anything that doesn’t serve you. Imagine leaving it behind in last year. Place this piece of paper in the bowl of water.

Prompt #2
Close your eyes. Open your eyes and look at the bowl of water. Close your eyes again. Think about your list of what you want to leave behind and choose the thing that stands out most. 
Write it on a new piece of paper. Turn the thing over in your mind, like a stone. Examine the underside of it. What does it look like? Describe what you find. Where exactly will you leave it?

Prompt #3
Think again of that thing you want to leave behind. What is at the other end of the spectrum? What is it’s opposite? Come up with a word, or list of words, that embody what you do want to bring into the new year. 

Prompt #4
Think of someone you want to connect/reconnect with this year. Write them a poem using your new word (the opposite). Write this poem on a postcard and send it to that person.

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