Thursday, October 24, 2019

Week Five

Prompt #1 PICS

*Choose a photo from the stack (below) that you want to work with. 

Part 1
Make a list of what you see in the image. What you see doesn’t have to be explicitly depicted (i.e. feelings).
Part 2
Write about the image as if you’ve known it forever. Maybe try explaining it to someone like you really need them to understand it.
Part 3
Write to completely dismantle the image. Try to untangle/unravel.

*Find someone to switch pictures with, or get a new one from the stack.

Part 4
With your new image, repeat Part 1.
Part 5
Write backwards toward the image. 
Part 6
Write about the image in a way that’s wrong, a way that makes no sense. 
Part 7
Feel free to repeat prompts on either image.
Using what you’ve written today, make as many two-line poems as you can.

Prompt #2 HOMEWORK

Reflect on what you’ve written over the last few weeks. Choose one poem or piece of text to record yourself reading (up to 3 minutes). Additionally, choose a song, or make a field recording that somehow supports/speaks to your writing. Send your audio recordings/songs to, in order to be included in a special audio component of the poetry club publication! 

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